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Your organization has purchased the solution TDC Erhverv Teams, and you and your colleagues will soon start using it. On these pages we will tell you about the solution, and how the switch will take place.

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What is TDC Erhverv Teams?

You may already know Microsoft Teams from the past and know that it’s a tool with which to communicate and collaborate. In Microsoft Teams, communication takes place via chat, video conferencing or calls between people with Teams.

Our solution adds telephony to Microsoft Teams.

You get a phone number associated with your Teams profile, and when you open the desktop application or app, you will see a dial pad with which you can call real-world phones. A mobile number can also be associated with your profile. When someone calls you via Teams, you can choose to take the call on your mobile phone or on your computer.

How will the switch happen?

The day you switch to our solution is called your GoLive. Prior to that day, a lot of setup work has been done by us in collaboration with some of your colleagues.

However, as an ordinary user the only thing you need to do on the day is to replace the SIM card in your mobile phone and start using Teams.

Maybe a new SIM card

If you are moving from our Skype for Business solution to Teams, you don’t have to worry about the SIM card - simply carry on with your current one.

However, if you come from a different solution, you need to replace it. You'll get your new SIM card well ahead of the GoLive day. Attached to your new SIM card you will find a letter with the exact date for when to switch. Remember the new SIM card on that day.

Teams and teaching

On the GoLive day, one or more of our friendly staff will be at your office carrying out Teams training sessions and checking that everything works.

However, you may have opted out of having trainers in the office. If so, there is plenty of help on the pages that you’re looking at now.

Online meetings and call groups

If you have previously used Skype for Business, there may be online meetings with broken meeting links after the switch. If you have called the meeting, simply add a Teams meeting link instead and send out an update to the participants.

If you are a member of one or more call groups, you need to be set up again. Our onsite colleagues will guide you through the process.

Setup and configuration

Once your company or organization has chosen our Teams product, we will start preparing for the switch in collaboration with you. As a regular employee, you don't have to do anything here.

Maybe a new SIM card

If you need a new SIM card, you'll receive it a few days before the GoLive day. On the GoLive day you can switch to the new SIM card as your current one will stop working. If you come from our Skype for Business solution no new SIM card is needed.

The GoLive day

On the GoLive day, one or more of our friendly staff will come to your office and do training sessions on the new Teams solution. They also do floor-walking and check that everything is up and running.

On TDC Erhverv Teams

You are now aboard our solution. The solution is stable and intuitive to use, but should you need help, we are ready for you at sky.tdc.dk. Here you find guides, access to self-service and ways to contact us.

Communicate and collaborate

Look forward to these cool features in TDC Erhverv Teams

Once on the solution, we are ready to help

We have a comprehensive support universe with guides, frequently asked questions and tools.

As a Teams customer with us, you also have access to a team of friendly, competent and English-speaking supporters. They can help you with everything related to the solution.

You find the support universe at sky.tdc.dk. Here you can also chat directly with our supporters from 8 AM to 4 PM. You can, of course, also call and e-mail us.

Frequently asked questions

Here's a handful of questions that we often hear, when we welcome a new customer on TDC Erhverv Teams.

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